From Concept to Reality

At DMC we support you in finding solutions to your coastal and marine design and engineering challenges. As your independent Marine consultant, we design, engineer and advise on (cost)effective, sustainable and buildable solutions: From Concept to Reality.

Designing a sustainable tomorrow

In today’s rapidly changing world, we are all facing challenges related to extreme weather, rise of sea level and water management. These challenges have severe impact on coastal, river and delta areas, calling for urgent mitigation measures and adaptation of maritime and coastal infrastructure. At the same time the energy transition and the large portfolio of ageing existing infrastructure approaching the end of service life, ask for critical trade-off analyses of upgrade and repair options versus replacement of the existing infrastructure. 

Our responsibility

DMC is a well-established and recognised design, engineering and consultancy firm specialized in coastal and maritime engineering. We have a worldwide track record of project across all continents, with a focus on enhancing coastal resilience, applying delta technology and designing maritime infrastructure solutions such as jetties, breakwaters, quays, barriers, tunnels and bridges.

As coastal and marine engineering specialists, we acknowledge our responsibility to advise and support our clients with sustainable and tailor-made solutions to these challenges.

How we make a difference

We focus on design solutions that are buildable, maintainable and sustainable. We make a difference by our dedication and commitment in our pursuit of finding the optimal, yet cost effective and sustainable solutions.

With the extensive experience and expertise available within our people, supported by our in-house coastal and hydraulics laboratory and concrete testing facility, we thoroughly test and validate our innovative concepts. From testing feasibility of initial concept to evaluating and optimizing the behavior under challenging future conditions. This process leads to customized solutions that reflect our full commitment, unique perspective and hands-on mentality. Our Xbloc concrete  breakwater armour unit is but one such example.