Marine Structural Engineering

In order to best meet our Clients’ needs the company is organised as a project organisation with several civil and marine structural engineering teams each with a focus on certain Client-Market-Product combinations.

Our civil and marine structural teams have extensive experience in design of structures for civil infrastructure, ports and harbours, and specialist industrial projects. Expert skills include for example:

  • FE analysis of steel and concrete structures
  • Concrete design of heavy civil structures and mass concrete
  • Pre-cast concrete design
  • Durability and maintenance issues
  • Design of under water (tremie) concrete slabs
  • Design of submerged and watertight structures
  • Use of high-strength concrete 
  • Floating and stability design checks
  • Lift-in, float-in and Immersion procedures
  • Equipment for water transport
  • Temporary works design
  • Design of cofferdams, diaphragm (slurry) walls, etc
  • Slab track design for rail systems
  • Interface management for M&E – civil interface
  • Noise barriers
  • Fire protection for infrastructure works
  • Highway and road design
  • Drainage systems