Digital Design & BIM Services

The Virtual Design & Drafting department provides all visual information about the design process. Drawings and visualisations are essential for the construction process to communicate about the design to all stakeholders in the design and construction.

The design and drafting industry has developed rapidly the past years and exchange rate of information has become important. 

Currently 3D visualisations are fully integrated in the design process, which gives the possibility to communicate easily with clients and contractors. 3D drawings provide substantial information about construction elements, such as volumes and other properties per element.

The Virtual Design & Drafting department is able to deliver 2D drawings from 3D models, which prevents mistakes in the interface between 2D and 3D drawings. Clients and contractors are involved in early stage of the design process by using virtual design.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The combination of Building Information Modelling (BIM), LEAN methodologies and concurrent engineering allows a more sustainable, safer, faster and more cost-efficient management during the design, construction, and maintenance of projects. The BIM department at Delta Marine Consultants supports these developments by playing a prominent role in the field of 3D/BIM models throughout the entire construction process. Along with the colleagues at our offices in Jakarta and Singapore we supply these BIM services to the projects of the Civil Sector.

We use BIM in the tender and construction phase. This practice leads to:

  • A cost effective concept that complies with the customer’s requirements;
  • A safe, relatively short and precise realization phase, with no fail-costs;
  • A  structure that is maintainable throughout its lifespan.