Port and Harbour Engineering

Port and Harbour Engineering together with Coastal Engineering form the core business of Delta Marine Consultants. As Port projects are generally associated with substantial economic interests, Delta Marine Consultants clients in this field of expertise include governments, port authorities and large international companies in bulk and containerized cargo shipping who are preparing their port and berthing facilities for future demands.

Studies are therefore characterised by an exploration and substantiated selection of viable concepts to meet the functional requirements. This process requires a close co-operation with our clients and sets challenges for our engineers to use their creativity for the development of economic and practical solutions.

An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the local conditions is required to arrive at these economic and practical solutions. Local conditions such as wave climate, wind, currents and subsoil characteristics have a considerable – if not decisive – impact on the most appropriate concept and design. DMC has in house expertise to evaluate the relevant local meteorological and oceanographic conditions, as well as the response of moored vessels. All this expertise is required to develop tailor made port layouts.

Delta Marine Consultants expertise in the field of ports and harbours further extends to in-depth knowledge on the design of maritime structures. Conceptual, final and detailed design of quay walls, jetties, offloading facilities, breakwaters and intake and outfall systems are included in the portfolio of Delta Marine Consultants.