Delta Marine Consultants has always been involved in tunnel projects. Our list includes cut and cover tunnels as well as immersed and bored tunnels. We can design any and every aspect of a tunnel, from concept design to detail design for both permanent and temporary structures. We also can carry out the site engineering.

Everything we know about immersed tunnels has been passed down from our older generation to the younger one, which has taken that expertise and expanded it based on new experiences. We are one of the few companies to have had hands-on experience with steel tunnels in the United States as well as concrete tunnels in Europe. We were involved in the development of the bored tunnel in the Netherlands from the start.

Besides the design of immersed tunnels, we also have comprehensive experience with the design of cut and cover tunnels. The cut and cover technique is for instance used for road and rail tunnels but also for underground car parks. The latter usually form part of projects in built-up inner city areas. The associated technical and logistical problems during construction call for creative design solutions.