Paperless rebar

13 August 2016 00:00

No more complex rebar drawings full of confusing details, but straightforward step-by-step installation instructions. RII, developed by BAM’s Indonesian branch, is making life for site teams a lot easier.

A new method to install rebar is being used BAM International-Asia Pasific Area’s project to construct Unilever’s new Indonesian head office, Amarta. Based on ALLPLAN 3D rebar model, RII (short for rebar installation instructions) was developed by BAM Infraconsult Jakarta in its 3D Design Office.

Instructions on a tablet screen
In RII, BAM’s engineers process the model for concrete reinforcement in a logical sequence, exactly following the steps that need to be taken on site. No 2D printouts are required for the installation: the 3D model and accompanying PDFs can be read from a computer screen. In the case of the Amarta project, iPad Pro and Windows tablets are the devices of choice.

The same model and software are used to produce the bar bending schedule. Here too, improvements in clarity have been achieved, and for practical reasons fabrication yards still refer to 2D prints of bar bending schedule.

RII is currently being piloted in selected parts of the Amarta project, namely the construction of retaining walls around the building. Due to the irregular shape of the building, there are 29 different types of retaining wall. The 3D approach is proving very helpful in avoiding clashes between the many different types of walls. It makes it easy for the installers to read pictures of the rebar, and by scrolling through the set of instructions all bars can be traced for their location and sequence.

First pilot results
While the pilot is still in its early stages, supervisors are already reporting positive experiences. Accuracy, they feel, is greatly improved as the step-by-step instructions leave much less room for interpretation and mistakes. Project management expects to further see improvements in quality as well as shorter installation times and hence cost reductions for the project. The pilot will be closely monitored and the results will be taken into account as RII is further rolled out in the BAM organization.

More information: Hans Grasmaijer (BAM Infraconsult, Jakarta),

From left to right: Hans Grasmaijer, Karta Wijaya, Benny Handoko