13 November 2014
BoxBarrier at Flood Defence Expo in London

The BoxBarrier and one of the BoxBarrier team members will be present at the Flood Defence Expo in London which takes place on the 4th and 5th of December.

13 November 2014

The BoxBarrier system will be presented during the French-Dutch seminar on High Water Prevention.

12 November 2014
World Water College and the BoxBarrier

The World Water College, forming part of the annual conference of KIVI (Royal Institute of Engineers), was held on the 12th of November during the Maritime Week.

29 October 2014
BoxBarriers installed at Dutch Water Museum

On the 29th of October BoxBarriers were installed at the Dutch Water Museum. 

25 August 2014
Xbloc application on Reunion Island

Gouda, the Netherlands, 25 Augustus 2014 - Delta Marine Consultants has signed a license agreement for the use of Xbloc for the construction of the new coastal road (Nouvelle route du littoral) on the French island La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. The license agreement has been signed with a joint venture of GTOI (part of Colas), SBTPC (part of Vinci) and Vinci Construction Terrassement.

22 August 2014

The Xbloc shore protection project on Tahita will be extended with a second phase. An additional length of 375 m of shore protection will be build with Xblocs. The first phase started in 2013.