Our Coastal and River Management Services

Our Coastal and River Management Services 

For all your coastal engineering and consultancy related engagements, we offer a wide range of required expert services:

Coastal and River Engineering:

  • Hydrodynamic Modelling incl. cyclone studies
  • Morphology / sediment transport assessments
  • Dispersion and plume modelling
  • CFD modelling
  • Beach stabilization and replenishment
  • Embankment design
  • Dikes and groyne systems
  • Breakwaters and revetments
  • Scour and erosion protection
  • River engineering and flood control

Specialist Services:

  • Physical model tests in DMC wave flume
  • Supervision of external (3D) physical model tests
  • Preparation/ supervision of nautical simulations
  • Xbloc single layer armour unit design and consultancy