BP Terminal, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

BP has implemented a new jetty at the BP Amsterdam Terminal (BAT) in the Amerikahaven. The jetty structure comprises a berth for seagoing tankers up to 47.000 DWT and two finger piers with a total of four berths for barges up to 135 m length over all (9300 tonnes maximum). The works also included an onshore road crossing close to the jetty abutment.

The Basic Design of the client has been optimised to suit the preferred construction method. This resulted amongst others in a replacement of the pile type and a concept of an optimum degree of prefabrication of the concrete elements.

DMC was responsible for the Detailed Design of these piles and the concrete structure and also for carrying out the engineering interface management between the various design elements, such as the link between the concrete main structure and anchoring of loading arms, fire monitors and steel pipe bridges.

Role DMC

DMC evaluated the fender system and proposed recommendations for relevant improvements. A re-design has been made for the sheet pile wall of the onshore road crossing. The detailed design also included engineering support during construction to resolve issues in connection with unforeseen ground conditions.


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