Euromax Quay Wall, Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands

A new deep water container terminal has been developed for the Port of Rotterdam. The design has been executed as a Design and Construct contract for which DMC developed the tender design and the detailed design (fit for construction).

The design of the quay wall is based on functional specifications provided by the Port of Rotterdam. The design water depth is 22m, the total retaining height is 27m. During the tender stage seven possible design concepts subdivided into approximately twenty design options have been developed and evaluated. Based on criteria of economy, reliability and durability two options were eventually selected and offered to the client in two separate proposals.

Although slightly more expensive, the Port of Rotterdam opted for the second proposal utilizing a concrete diaphragm wall for reasons of durability and maintenance. This quay wall is the first in the Netherlands to utilise a concrete diaphragm wall.

The contract has been awarded in April 2005, the first 375m of the quay wall have been handed over to the client in May 2006 and the total quay wall length of 1975m has been successfully completed in June 2007.

Role DMC

DMC performed the Tender Design and the Detailed Design. In addition DMC optimised the concrete mix design for the diaphragm wall.


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