Inflatable Barrier Ramspol, the Netherlands

The Waterschap Salland, the regional water authority being responsible for the safety of the land against storm surges and flooding initiated the construction of a storm surge barrier between the lakes Ketelmeer and Zwartemeer, the Netherlands.

Delta Marine Consultant has prepared the Tender Design as well as the Detailed Design of the Storm Surge Barrier near Ramspol. The barrier has been constructed by BAM Civiel and was completed in October 2001.

The barrier is located between the Kampereiland and the Noordoostpolder in the north eastern part of Holland. The barrier has to protect the hinterland around the Ketelmeer [lake Ketel] against high water levels during storm surges caused by wind set up on the IJsselmeer [the former Zuiderzee]. The project was carried out under a design-construct contract in which Delta Marine Consultants was responsible for the design of the barrier.

Role DMC

Delta Marine Consultants has prepared an innovative and cost efficient design by construction of an inflatable dam with air and water filling. The dam normally rests in a concrete sill on the channel bed and therefore does not obstruct shipping. The dam is inflated with air while water flows in through gravity. The barrier is lowered again by pumping out the water and releasing the air. Since completion the barrier works to full satisfaction.