Iron Ore Jetty for Vale, Perak, Lumut, Malaysia

The client, mining corporation Vale, chose Lumut on Malaysia’s west coast as its transhipment location for iron ore. The raw material is brought in from Brazil in gigantic 400,000 DWT bulk carriers some 360 metres in length. Conveyor belts transport the ore to shore where it is distributed to smaller ships for further transport to various countries in the region. The jetty is able to receive Valemax, the largest class bulk vessel in the world today. The construction of the export wharf was completed by the end of 2013.

The Vale Jetty serves a maximum 90 million tonnes per annum of iron ore and functions as entry and exit points for all material including iron ore, sinter pellets, blast furnace pellets and pelletizing plant additives. The jetty is designed to bring in incoming iron ore from the largest bulk carrier of 400,000 DWT Valemax, and to export it with a maximum of 80,000 DWT panamax size vessel.

Role DMC

DMC was involved from tender stage throughout detailed design and execution of works. A total of 1.1 km of import and export wharf are connected with transfer platform to land site with 1.8 km of access trestle, using deck-on-pile structure system. Alternatives of design were made for optimization in the early stage. Semi precast systems for the deck and all vertical piles had been chosen to enhance the speed of construction. A high precision measurement of detailing utilizing 3D models had been brought from early stage and throughout the design process to ensure all the precast elements can fit smoothly on site during construction.


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