Jebel Ali Terminal 4, Dubai, UAE

In December 2013 a joint venture of BAM International and BAM Contractors (BAM) has been awarded the design and construct contract for the Terminal phase 1 extension of the Jebel Ali port in Dubai, UAE. The contract comprises a 500m long Quay Wall, a 2.7 km causeway towards the offshore harbour facility and a 440m long Bridge as part of the causeway. DMC conducted the design of the quay wall, causeway and revetments as well as various hydrodynamic and environmental studies.

Scope of Work

DMC’s scope comprised the overall design management, technical studies, quay wall design, causeway design and bridge detailed design drafting.

The quay wall consisted of  a block wall with an effective quay length of 500m. Design has been done with in-house developed software BlockWall. The quay wall was designed such that it could be easily extended for future development. The quay wall can accommodate future ULCV up to 18.000 TEU.

The bridge will be part of the causeway with an approximate total length of 2,420m. The 440m, dual Carriageway Bridge will be founded on rock foundations. The gravity piers significantly reduce the interface with buried gas lines from the LNG facility. The piers will be located at 40m intervals which promotes water flow through the port.

The revement consists of rock armoured slopes on either side of the causeway. The required rock armour varied along the causeway from 4-6 ton at the northern section to 0.3-1 ton towards the shore line on the southern section.

DMC conducted several environmental studies using Mike21 software to determine design conditions in the harbour basin and along the outer revetment of the causeway. Other studies comprised mooring and berthing studies and design of the navigational aids.

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Container Port

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Our client

BAM International and BAM Contractors

Completion design

Expansion of an existing container port with a new terminal  in one of the largest and busiest ports in the world 

Design and construct of a 500m long block wall type quay, a 2.7km long access causeway, revetments and a 440m long bridge. DMC was responsible for the supporting studies and overall design management