Methanol- and Container Port Lekki, Nigeria

Lekki Port LFTZ Enterprise is planning to develop Port Lekki, a deep water port for chemical tankers and container vessels as part of the Lagos Free Trade Zone [LFTZ], Nigeria. Port Lekki will be developed in two phases. In the first phase the port will include a MOF (for general cargo) and three container berths for container ships up to 8.000 TEU. In the second phase the port will further include a liquid berth for Methanol tankers up to 160.000 DWT. Delta Marine Consultants was commissioned by Lekki Port LFTZ Enterprise to prepare a Detailed Design for Port Lekki.

A thorough pre-study was performed to develop an optimised layout for Port Lekki with respect to operability and construction costs.

Extensive coastal studies included numerical wave, current and wave penetration modeling and a detailed coastal erosion assessment.

In addition ship navigation simulations, dynamic mooring analyses and a port operability study were performed. The marine structures of the port include a protective breakwater, measures to stabilise the eastern shoreline, a MOF quay, a jetty for liquid bulk and berths for container vessels. As the breakwater is a relative expensive structure special attention has been paid to optimisation of the cross sections and layout. The use of rock for the structures had to be minimized. The nearshore section of the protective breakwater therefore consists out of a rubble mound structure with a core of geobags.

After award of the construction contract, DMC remained engaged as an advisor to the client during the construction stage.