Multipurpose Port, Hazira, India

The lay-out of the port consists of a dredged basin including a LNG jetty, a LNG terminal platform, and a future bulk storage area, protected by the main breakwater and the lee spur. The port is connected to the mainland by means of the North and South causeway and a corridor.

The construction of the port was split in a number of stages to allow early arrival of LNG Carriers before pull port completion.

The 2-D and 3-D physical model tests were carried out to verify the stability of the breakwater. The stability of the toe was verified, the required lowest level of the front and rear artificial armour was determined and wave transmission through and over the main breakwater was established during the model tests. Additionally, tests were carried out to verify the dynamic stability of the rock protection of the LNG terminal platform during construction.


DMC was responsible for the design of the marine facilities and the preparation of the technical FEED documents. DMC further coordinated the specialised subconsultant services (hydrodynamic studies, navigation studies, model tests etc).