Xbloc is a concrete armour system, of units that work together to ensure long term, reliable protection and the defence of breakwaters and shorelines.

A growing Family of Shapes

The original Xbloc  has been used successfully around the world since 2004. Visit our Xbloc website for specific case studies. The new XblocPlus is a remarkable innovation on the original. It provides greater protection and can be deployed faster than any other system on the market. Both Xbloc and XblocPlus can be used together, or separately depending upon the breakwater geometry. They combine to become a single flexible, yet immediately trustworthy, system.

Xbloc and XblocPlus units require up to 15% less concrete per surface area compared to other armour units on the market and with XblocPlus up to 33% can be saved on the number of units. This results in 33% less units to cast, store and place in a project. For more information on the Xbloc armour system please visit our Xbloc website.