Wind Energy

Wind energy is by far the largest contributor to the share of renewable energy. The construction in a marine environment is much more complicated than the installation of land based facilities and hence the costs associated with the development of offshore wind energy projects are therefore higher compared to onshore projects. In spite of this costs issue, offshore wind parks projects are developed in increasing numbers, particularly in densely populated areas to minimize the visual impact of the installation of wind turbine towers.

Delta Marine Consultants has been involved in numerous projects, ranging from concept design to detail design. Examples of projects are Egmond Offshore Windfarm, onshore windfarm Anna Maria. Delta Marine Consultants is capable of designing the various foundation types: mono piles, tripods, gravity base structures and floating foundations.

Delta Marine Consultants can offer:

  • Hydrodynamic studies
  • Wind and wave loading
  • Structural design (static/dynamic)
  • Soil-structure interaction, static and dynamic 
  • Pile drivability and pile driving analysis
  • Dynamic behaviour and fatigue of the foundation structure
  • Facilities such as platforms, fendering and J-tubes
  • Scour protection

Delta Marine Consultants can execute design work from feasibility stage up to detailed design.