Material Technology

The Materials Technology department of Delta Marine Consultants has all necessary knowledge about concrete at its disposal: technology and production as well as service life, durability and sustainability. The department supervises the building process in all its phases: from design and building to maintenance.

In all phases of the construction process, design, building and maintenance of concrete structures, it is often necessary to conduct experiments to analyse or back up the design-assumptions. We do this in our own concrete laboratory. The knowledge that the department has is not restricted to just cementitious materials. New materials, too, will form part of our field of knowledge.

With Material Technology the work at three domains is joined together.

The Office

From the office we advise on a wide variety of subjects, for example concrete mix design, durability, lifetime calculations, damage assessment, damage mechanisms, repair methods and so on.

An other important subject of our work in the office is curing control. Very soon after it was founded, Delta Marine Consultants became the first company in the Netherlands to develop a programme for calculating concrete temperatures and stresses. The program is named FeC3S: Finite Element Concrete Curing Control System. FeC3S is an advanced computer programme that we can use to evaluate every aspect of concrete curing and use that knowledge to optimise concrete pours. With FeC3S we can determine the measurements that are necessary to prevent early age cracking, for example cooling or insulation.

On Site

We leave the office often to visit one of the many projects we support. All the subjects that are discussed from the office also return on site. We support complex pours, carry out inspections, discuss about construction methods, contribute to quality assurance and are standby to give support when calamities occur.

In the Laboratory

To support our work, a well equipped laboratory is at our disposal. Tests that can be performed are for example the concrete compressive and tensile strength, Rapid Chloride Migration (RCM) and adiabatic heat development. The test results can be used for quality control or as input for our models. We also use the laboratory for the development of material innovations.