Constructability and Temporary Works

Safety by design

Safety at work ranks highest on the priority list of DMC. Safety plays an essential role in all our activities. DMC’s vast experience in construction design includes all kinds of temporary works. Combined with direct and frequent feedback from construction sites, DMC has built up the required knowledge and awareness to proactively ensure the thorough consideration of safety aspects at earliest design stage. Purpose-built safety applications by our parent organization Royal BAM Group, regular BAM world safety days and quarterly meetings emphasize the constant presence and significance of safety aspects.

With our highly skilled engineers, expert knowledge, experience, professional modeling and numerical analysis tools, DMC is one of the only engineering companies in the world to deliver these high value engineering and design pieces of equipment, temporary works and construction docks.

Special Equipment for Immersed Tunnel Construction

Building immersed tunnels requires very specific equipment and temporary works. These include amongst others ballast tanks, bulkheads, survey- & access-shafts, guide & catch and pull-in a systems, bollards, immersion pontoons and winch systems, marine anchors, etc. The design of these systems depends very much on the local conditions and tunnel characteristics, such as water depth, size and length of the tunnel elements and the number of tunnel elements. At DMC, we acknowledge that each tunnel requires unique equipment and temporary works design, with very specific challenges, restraints and systems.


Special Equipment for construction 

With special tailor-made equipment we enable efficient and safe construction in the marine environment.

An example of such equipment are the numerous so called Cantilever Bridges (CLB’s) or Travellers. In access trestle or pier construction these are able to shift the work front forwards over the already constructed part, without being dependent on water depth and wave conditions and minimizing the impact to any mangroves. 

Temporary Works

From complex pre-fabrication systems to smart temporary works to increase safety and optimize constructability, DMC designs a wide range of tools and steel structures, both permanent and temporary. All our solutions are custom-developed in collaboration with the client contractor and the manufacturer.

City Bridge formwork
RTA traveler
FLC robot full