Tunnels and Bridges


Our long tradition in immersed tunneling includes almost 60 projects, an impressive amount considering the fact that just over 200 immersed tunnels are built worldwide. We gained our worldwide experience in IMT-projects in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Greece, Norway, Denmark, China, Turkey, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, UAE and Australia. We are one of world’s few companies to have had hands-on experience with steel tunnels in the United States as well as concrete tunnels in Europe and were involved in the bored tunnel development in the Netherlands from the start. We have been designing bored tunnel projects such as Rotterdamse Baan in The Hague. We are proud to be part of the design team of world’s longest IMT Femernbelt Tunnel, an 18 km long immersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany.

Demanding tunneling projects require a genuine understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges. With every new tunneling project, we are challenged to consider the safest and most cost-effective solutions by transferring technical details into suitable solutions. To achieve this, we develop strategies to support and facilitate decisions on the economic approach in view of capital investments and life cycle costs, striving to reduce construction risks to a minimum and to deliver the highest design quality. We take all interfaces into account at various design levels including expert panel meetings. We cooperate in design joint ventures to complement our expertise and services described below and advise tunnel-owners and renowned construction companies in immersed tube tunneling.


Besides the design of immersed tunnels, we also have comprehensive experience with the design of cut and cover tunnels. The cut and cover technique is for instance used for road and rail tunnels but also for underground car parks. These structures usually form part of projects in congested inner city areas. The associated complex technical and logistical problems during construction call for creative design solutions. As an example of our the High speed line we designed the High Speed Link tunnel in Rotterdam.

For more information on Immersed Tunnels, please read our capability statement

Our differentiators:

  • Constructability of design
  • Marine operations, sea transport and immersion
  • Durability and watertightness of concrete mix  
  • design and concrete cooling systems
  • Temporary works and special equipment design  


From steel truss walkways and bridges to large concrete structures.

As DMC, we lay the foundations for successful infrastructure projects. We are involved in projects from the very beginning and thus have a major influence on the management of risks and the utilisation of opportunities. Close cooperation with the execution enables us to deliver added value to our clients. 

Walkway King Edward Point
City Bridge Nijmegen
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