Who we are

A passion for water

With 45 years of dedicated coastal and maritime advice and engineering expertise, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise through our engagement in projects across the globe.

Our team of almost 200 specialists is renowned for solving exceptional challenging coastal and maritime problems such as the renovation and renewal of the 32 km long coastal defence dam Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands and designing world’s largest sea locks in IJmuiden and Terneuzen. As we are part of a leading civil engineering contractor with over 150 years of experience, we mastered in designing for efficient, cost effective, sustainable and safe construction. This allows us to support owners and contractors as an independent specialist engineering and design consultant. Our international clientele comprises governments, municipalities, port authorities, shipping companies, contractors, terminal operators, energy companies and project developers. 


Our team of committed and highly educated engineers collaborates closely with accomplished partners and international knowledge institutes. Our colleagues provide a wide range of skills in civil, structural, coastal, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering. In addition, we make use of the skills of our  colleagues supporting our Dutch parent company in the fields of CAD-BIM, GIS, sustainability, material technology, road and rail design and design of technical installations.

 ‘It is not just our skills, it is our mentality that makes the difference’ (Martijn Meijer, Commercial Manager)

Ichthys MoF