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DMC is a tradename of BAM Infraconsult, the in-house engineering department of BAM Infra, part of Royal BAM Group. Supported by our strong relationship with Royal BAM Group, we are able to offer practical solutions to complex infrastructure challenges. Being part of Royal BAM Group provides us access to specialist departments such as sustainability, ecology, pavement design, water management, asset management and E&I. This close cooperation is adding remarkable value to our services as we always have access to the most up-to-date developments and investments in these fields and it keeps us fully aware of (digital) construction innovations. 

Our relationship with Royal BAM Group is not restricting us to work as an independent advisor. We work for clients worldwide, including other contractors, which even led to successful partnerships and framework contracts.

Our organization and processes are regularly assessed by accredited Certification Bodies, including ISO 9001. In the Netherlands, Royal BAM Group ranks amongst the highest on clients satisfaction reflected by our work quality, safety, proactivity, environment, interruption management and budget control.

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Our values sustainable, inclusive, collaborative, reliable and ownership help us to achieve our ambitions. Today and tomorrow. Our values form the basis for who we are and what we do. 

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